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Odense, Hans Christian Andersen, The Funen Village, Odense Zoo and much much more...

In Odense Zoo is feeding the giraffes every day on the program. Give your family some fantastic experiences with giraffes, manatees and penguins in Denmark's friendliest ZOO ...

Or visit the Hans Christian Andersen Museum in the old town of Odense. Discover his fantastic universe in the exciting exhibition and see his childhood home ...

Open-air museum, the Funen Village - you are invited inside a Funen village as it might have looked like in the 1800s. The museum consists of a number of farms and houses, all of which originally stood in villages around Funen and on the islands.

An important part of the village's history is communicated through the people and living animals that quickens the old buildings.

Especially during the holiday period you will be able to meet hubby in the field along with the servant. Small girl goes mistress to hand in the kitchen, and the sound of the blacksmith's hammer will blare in the village street. 

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